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28th November 2005

I find that my desktop suffers from over-population. As such it is a drop for any file I cant be bothered to file correctly. However, over the years I have come up with some ways too keep it tidy.

  • Chose a day to each week perform a tidy up – the more often you tidy up the easier it is.
  • Increase the size of desktop icons – When they start overlapping it is time for a clean up.
  • Make more folders on your desktop – File things correctly in temporary folders making it easier during the big clean up.

28th November 2005

I dont like coursework at the best of times. My time management skills leave a little to be desired. I prefer to spend more time in-front of my little white iBook than with some work. Its a shame as I am sure I have some untapped potential to do well.