Wordpess.com Peeves

Well I have now had my account for 30 minuites and I already have a few peves with the system.

  1. For some reason as I subscribed with a gmail acount the profile thing assumes I use my gTalk/Jabber thing. I dont use this and I wouldn’t like that address to be listed in my profile.

  2. On the profile page it seems to type a new password in the password box. I have to remove this to update my password, which is anoying enough. On the top of that though, if I did wish to use the password put in for me it is stared out. So no matter what I want to do on that page i first have to remove that password that has been typed for me. So what is the point?

  3. The link at the bottom of the page saying “Powered by wordpess.com” is wrong. This site isnt powered by wordpress.com. It is hosted on wordpress.com yes but it is powered by mu.wordpess.org. Surely if this is a test for that system, it should be linking to the system in question.

Ok these are only small inperfections that will not cause me any harm. However, that is not the point. I feel that as I have no control to change anything I must rant about it instead. Where I would usually change something I am now forced to look and watch it.

I have never been in a situation where I am not in full control of what goes on. I once tried to use blogger and wordpress and other options on my site. However, as I did not have full control over how the imformation was stored and outputed I scrapped all of them in favor of my own hand written scripts. Ones that I could change and know the inner working of.

Edit:It has since come apparent that the gTalk and Password peeves were nothing to do with the great system. Instead it was my browser trying to be too clever for its own good.


5 Responses

  1. Are you sure you would want ‘Powered by: WordPress.com’ to read ‘Powered by: mu.wordpress.com’? There is no such thing as mu.wordpress.com. In essence, this blogging service is powered by WordPress.com. Without WordPress, or the host site WordPress.com, we wouldn’t have pleasure of being hassle-free WordPress bloggers.

  2. What do you mean by there is not such thing as mu.wordpress.org? That is the site for the multi-user wordpress, that is running under this domain. I think that is the location that the link should point to. After all that is the system that is powering the site. The link itself should just read “WordPress Mu”. After all if you check the bottom of your administration pannel that is what it reads there.

    ps. thank you for reading my post

  3. That password may have been entered by your browser. I have never seen it populated when I’ve used it. The actual HTML that’s generated sets the value to “” so it may well be your browser.

    Powered by the electricity company :)

  4. Ahh yes that could be my browser tying to be a little too clever for its own good. Thank you for that.

    We really should give the electricity company the resepect they deserve. Good shout.

  5. While WordPressMu is the multi-user version of WordPress – it is the engine that sits in the car that is WordPress and you don’t see it. What you see when you enter the wordpress.com world is WordPress – for all you ever need to know.

    No, it isn’t the full version of WordPress, but it is a totally usable but not very customizable version. Your wordpress.com site is an Alpha version of WordPress 1.6. You have joined the club of testers to help put it through its paces. There will be days with borks, and days with fun discoveries – but it will be a fun ride if you give it a chance.

    The Feedback link on the Admin Panels is a fast and easy way to let the developers know when you run into a problem. If you post it on your site, they might miss the info since they can’t spend all their time reading everyone’s blogs. We, the users, need to have them spend every minute fixing the things that ail us! ;-)

    Welcome to the joy ride. And remember – it’s free.

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